Odin is a windows-based fastest Firmware flashing tool created by Samsung. The ROM memory can easily be flashed with the aid of this tool. It roots your device without voiding its warranty. Although make sure you back up the data as it may wipe the entire stored data of the device. Using Odin is simple and hassle-free.

How To Flash with Odin?

Using Odin to flash can be beneficial in case your device has been soft-bricked. Odin serves lots of advantages for Samsung device owners But you should know the correct way of -how to use Odin to flash firmware?

If your Stock ROM is malfunctioning or if you wish to get back the previous version, Odin can help you with it. To know the correct approach of how to use Samsung Odin to flash recovery and root package and avail other benefits, proceed as below.

How To Use Odin Samsung?

The stepwise instructions will help you to master how to use Samsung Odin.

  • First of all, extract and unzip the firmware files.
  • Next, run the ‘Odin tool’ as an ‘administrator’.
  • Now press Volume down+Home+Power altogether for 4-5 seconds.
  • Next, to continue, press the volume up button.
  • In this way, your device will be rebooted to download mode.
  • Now connect your phone with the PC via USB cable.
  • At the top, if you can see ID: COM, it means the device has been connected with Odin.
  • Select PA/PDA and then choose the firmware file labelled tar.md5.
  • Wait for some moments till the file gets analyzed by your Samsung device.
  • Now click on the ‘start button in order to commence flashing of firmware.
  • To finish the process, Odin takes around 5-6 minutes.
  • On completion of the process, a green label with ‘PASS’ written on it appears. It indicates that automatically your device(phone) will reboot.

Things to Remember!

  • Make a backup before proceeding with Odin.
  • Use the correct ROM file as per the device.
  • Get the latest USB driver installed.
  • It is only limited to Windows PC.


  • Samsung USB drivers installation
  • USB cable
  • More than half of the device’s free space.

We are sure that now you must be aware of how to use Odin mode and how to use Odin software. If you want to install beta OTA updates then this is a must to have tool.

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