Magisk Manager is a popular rooting tool for Android devices. It’s a wonder in the world of rooting. The Magisk root app not only installs the custom modules but also enriches your Android phone’s functionality and supports Android’s 5.0 version and above.

Through magisk Apk you can update your Android with the latest version without touching the safety net of Google. That means you can use Android Pay, Netflix effectively and securely even when your phone is rooted.

Magisk Manager Apk provides ‘systemless rooting’. It dropped the earlier mechanics of installing SuperSu first, unlocking the bootloader, and flashing the custom recovery, etc. As you download magisk, your Android system will get modified but the Google security net can’t recognize that your system has been modified. In short, it bluffs the security net of Google. Magisk root Apk provides various features without hampering the in-built features.

Odin v3.14.1

Software NameMagisk
Last UpdatedToday
Android Version Requires5.0+
Total Downloads50,000,000+
App Size7.11 MB
Main TaskMagisk Hides Roots from Banking Applications.

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk is a rooting solution developed by Topjohnwu for Android devices. This is an open source and one-stop destination for the people who want to root their Android phones effectively without losing their essential apps. It provides an effective and quick way of rooting Android phones to relish custom MODs.


  • It’s free and open-source, anybody from any part of the world can use this root for free.
  • Systemless Interface, which changes the system swiftly without the actual partitions.
  • Magisk Hide feature that offers to hide root status.
  • Modules repository, the users can effectively do modifications in their device’s.
  • MagiskSu provides a rooting solution along with getting SuperSu standards.

Download Magisk Manager

Before we proceed to magisk manager Apk download, we need to furnish some essentials. You must also know that the latest magisk manager is now popular as magisk manager app. Now the users won’t encounter magisk manager and magisk zip as two different identities rather they can be used in the same package file as one. This package file is now used for the flashing process.

Alternatively if you own a Samsung device then you can also Download Samsung Odin software to successfully root and install stock firmware on your device.

The flashing process is also quite easy now. You are just required to rename the file magisk-v23.0.Apk to and it’s done. On the contrary, if you desire to uninstall magisk via flashing process the just again rename the file package as and you’re done. If you download magisk manager apk, you can root and unroot your device even in offline mode.

Install Magisk & Root Android Device

  • Prior to install magisk, fulfil the necessary requirements-
  • Make sure you unlock your Android phone’s bootloader.
  • Install TWRP custom recovery.
  • Your phone should be at least 60%charged.

How To Install Magisk?

  • Firstly, visit the XDA Magisk release thread and download the magisk.
  • Do not unzip the files as TWRP flashes it as a whole.
  • Connect USB to your phone and PC.
  • Swipe your phone’s screen from above and hit ‘USB charging this device’.
  • Next, click ‘Transfer files’.
  • Now copy Magisk zip file and paste it in the download folder of your device.
  • Now remove your Android phone from your PC.
  • Press volume down+ Power key together and hold for some seconds.
  • This will boot your Android phone to recovery mode.
  • Once booting is completed, you’ll see a menu with a ‘START’ on top.
  • Now make use of the up and down (volume keys) in order to cycle the menu.
  • Next, select the ‘recovery mode’.
  • Now again your device will be rebooted.
  • Device will now open into TWRP.
  • Enter the device’s password in order to access storage.
  • Now you will arrive at the TWRP main menu. Click ‘install’.
  • Now go to the download folder where the magisk zip file was copied and select the zip file.
  • Next, you’ll see the TWRP screen, bottom right corner is a ‘blue slider’, just swipe it to start installation of magisk.
  • Now the TWRP will be running by the time the installation is going on.
  • Once it’s over a message at the top is displayed to convey that the install is successful.
  • Then click ‘Reboot System’ in order to reboot the device.
  • The rebooting will take place normally.
  • On completion of that, your device will get rooted and it will be running magisk.
  • Open up your apps.
  • Now launch Magisk Manager to verify your installation status.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding Magisk Manager, kindly ping us at the comment section.


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