Android phones are being used by millions of people around the world. Rooting is still not popular among many. The number of users isn’t familiar with the importance of rooting and the method to root Android. With rooting, you can unlock many essential features like increase battery performance, enhance phone speed, install many carrier-free apps, and much more via Android root. The important thing to be considered before rooting is the choice of the correct tool and the correct way of how to root Android?

Odin is a tool that is specially designed for Android phones, especially Samsung devices. This Microsoft based tool that root the phone without voiding its warranty. The main purpose of this tool is to install custom ROMs, flash root package and root your device via PC. We’ll be discussing in this tutorial how to root Android phone with Odin effectively. If you are an aspirant and wondering about how I should root my phone? Then this tutorial is for you. Your query of ‘how do I root my Android’ will be satisfactorily answered and solved in this tutorial. Though there are many apps for rooting Android, you’ll definitely be inclined to Odin after knowing its benefits and using it.

How To Root Android Phone With Odin

  • First of all, download the appropriate root package.
  • Now check the device’s model number, name, build number, and Android version.
  • Then extract the package downloaded to the new folder.
  • Now switch off your phone to make it ready for booting the device into download mode.
  • For this, press the power button + Home button + volume down button together and hold down for 6 seconds.
  • Now go to the extracted folder and open ‘Odin file’.
  • Next, via USB cable connect both PC and phone.
  • On connection, the software automatically detects the device and to the bottom left panel displays ‘Added’.
  • Now hit the AP/PDA button and click the extracted file.
  • Hit the ‘Start’ button.
  • Now rooting will initiate.
  • On completion, a green label with ‘PASS’ written appears.
  • Once again your device will reboot. If you find SuperSu installed then rooting is done.
  • This signifies that you’ve successfully root Samsung phone.

What If Root With Odin Fails?

If the process fails anyhow, don’t worry. You just need to do the following:

  • Restart your PC.
  • Now install the USB driver.
  • Retry to connect.
  • Now restart your (Samsung)phone.
  • Next, update your phone with the latest OS.
  • Retry running ‘Odin as administrator’.
  • Make use of other USB cable.
  • Download the relevant firmware package as of your Phone’s model.

Pre Requisites:

  • On your Windows PC, install the Samsung driver software.
  • Enable the USB Debugging on your Samsung phone/Tablet.
  • Charge your phone to more than 70% as the rooting process takes time.
  • Take back-up of your entire data as it may wipe after rooting.

Always remember to check the requirements and other prerequisites before initiating rooting as the low battery is one of the most common reasons for rooting process failure.

From plenty of rooting applications, Odin plays a different role in managing the operation flow differently with a perfect process safely. It does not hamper the warranty and unlocks many new interesting features. If your phone is bricked or you’re facing any problem of recovery or rooting; then you must try the specialist of all, Odin.

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